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We work with Business enterprises & Academic Institutions to build people-resilience & Agility through easy to adapt Engagement programs.

Superior Agility combined with Resilience help one overcome challenges in life & at work, to win better results.


We help young students build up their Agility & Resilience to smartly be on top of their Academic-life Goals & challenges!

Client engagements & needs are addressed by a team of SMEs and valued associates, under the leadership of our CEO & Principal Consultant Prakash Valiaveettil

Our products & services are the result of 19 years of Applied-Research and noteworthy achievements on the ground, having helped over 11000 people in 21 institutions bring transformational change to their Career & Life!

Strength of our Robust & Resilient products are that they have evolved through design-thinking, with customer experience being the number 1 priority.

Designed to be future-ready, harnessing Disruptive technology & Smart Analytics, the customizable & scalable modules synaptically map to an organization’s unique vision, culture and goals.

FRUGALITY: Turning to technology & innovation platforms is becoming expensive to adapt to. Our working model revolves around FRUGAL-Engineering, focusing on ROI based infusion of add-ons. We help our clients become nimble through OKR* budgeting.

*Objectives & Key Results model, followed by organizations like Google.

Prakash Valiaveettil

CEO & Principal Consultant

Prakash, an AIDB in HRM from the University of Cambridge, Degree & Masters in Applied Psychology from Annamalai University & an HR Analytics MDP from IIM-Rohtak.

A Cisco-IBM certified system integrator in his former avatar, Prakash has 33 years of blended-experience serving corporate establishments in the Middle East & India, as well as schools to professional colleges and Business schools in India.

We would love to work with you on your Transformation Journey!

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