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How are we doing Joe, Really?

How are we doing Joe, Really?

How are we doing, Really?

Investors often ask CEOs..

Like a worried patient asking the ER doctor on his or her health condition

A seasoned doctor should be able to make some observations, going by the symptoms or primary data obtained from the patient

But then, the doctor would often say: “Let me review the SCAN & LAB reports and get back to you”!


Organisations are no different.. never in a fixed state, always a work in progress!

It is dynamic, by nature

Visible symptoms ALONE may not help the managers or CEO to diagnose or give sit-reps (status reports)

How often do we run the scans or tests, for knowing the health of an organisation?

More importantly, do we know what to scan or test?

Or when to do it. Or How to do it?

Are we investing in MRI like machineries & high-tech software that WE PRESUME TO BE OF HELP, to rightly diagnose an anomaly?

Are we copying a design because X or Y organisation benefitted from it?

Some questions from organisations we often get to hear are;

‘We are only a 50 people organisation, Do we really need to get into ANALYTICS?’

We are a 5000 people strong organisation, in 15 verticals spread across 10 branches in 5 countries. Would it be feasible for us to get into Digital transformation & Analytics, AI, ML, PA, all brought in “FRUGALLY”

Meaning NO CLEAR DESIGN or BUDGET in place right now..

Are we all not getting confused and worried about all these buzz words, abbreviations…High tech, AI, ML, Predictive & Prescriptive analytics and so on..?

Many organisations run very reliable analytics using only MS-Excel, or MS-Access

Some have added Power-BI or Tableau, to get data analytics represented visually

All these are workable low cost options, Yes.

But focus should be ‘clarity and specificity on the organisational NEED’!

Many organisations jump the TRANSFORMATION BANDWAGON getting their horse ready with premium saddle and the works to suddenly realise they haven’t learnt horse-riding
Where to take this horse to and How?

Running a dynamic organisation is like Sailing the high seas. An exciting experience but lot of factors to weigh in and plenty of dynamic challenges to overcome, to stay afloat and to stay cruising!

A wise organisation shall get into creating a Focus driven STRATA (strategy) attached to Specified GOALS run in OKR* Model (*Objectives & Key-Results)

Organisations new to Analytics shall start smart, on a scalable model, combining progress & learning together. Than rush to full on digital transformation.

When the bottlenecks appear, it shall be addressed going for the best remedial solution, by virtue of a software system, an application or tool that may bring in a solution.

Each system acquisition and transition would command learned adaptation, which is way better than blind-adaptation to a hastily acquired add-on.

Going Frugal may not be the right word to caption the digital transformation journey. A low or high budget may not signify or sync rightly with tangible results.

Not AUSTERITY but PROSPERITY measures would help. Choice of system and Investments should genuinely help an organisation prosper.


We are GOOGLING for all kinds of answers. We often make decisions based on information available online, mainly to save time.

At times organisations become slaves of certain fixed maps and mundane routines.

Digital transformation commands more respect than a routine look up.

Organisations need to look inward out, to decide for the right options to address their digital transformation and analytics need.

We need to build our PROSPERITY MODEL

We need to build our FINE WALL, like Corpus callosum, a membrane ensuring connectivity between both the left and right hemispheres of our organisational brain, not just FIREWLLS.

Our organisational corpus callosum, needs to firmly stand and deliver!

Connecting the 2 organisational hemispheres of GOALS and GOAL-REALISATION.


Connecting MANAGEMENT with its RESOURCES, mainly its workforce

To succeed in the Digital transformation Journey, an organisation needs to identify the fixed and the variable factors that affect the organisation and individuals working for it.

Understand the dependant and independent variables affecting organisational performance.

And the REALS and the FAKES, mainly in DATA

Earlier we used the term ‘COOKING the BOOKS’, to denote erroneous corporate practices.

From now on, it’s likely that ‘COOKING the organisational DATA’ would prove to be the taboo practice!.

Philosopher J. Krishnamurthy said “The answers we want to find are in the Questions we intend to ask”!

Manipulative organisational practices would churn out inconsistent and inappropriate data.

Whatever the quality of the installed-systems be, incorrect data and wrongly arrived at data-management-criteria or dysfunctional-parametrisation would bring out scores, values and results that would help an organisation get analytics just for creating an acceptable (incorrect) image (window-dressing!)

The digital transformation journey of an organisation shall aim for;

  • Assessing genuine needs
  • Setting real, feasible goals
  • Building an OKR model
  • Be on guard on dependant & independent variables
  • Be sure-footed (dynamic skill & knowledge gathering)
  • Getting a FINE WALL like corpus callosum being on eternal guard managing the transfer, disruption & transitional gates

Easy said than done!

Many of us fall victims to an URGE for EASY & FAST HACKS.

Digital transformation is a Dynamic practice, not a Mechanical process or orchestration.

It’s a culture, to imbibe on.

Tools and systems would help..They are aplenty. Organisation needs to curtail the urge to blindly choose the most popular one. The need of the hour is to get the REAL needs assessed rightly, and then choose the support system & people wisely.

We are spoilt for choice and all biggies are in the frey fighting for their space

All of them drop terms and words that might create an urge within us to bring it all in & embrace new technology.. AI, ML, PA, you name it!

Question is: Have we built our FINE WALL yet?

How are we doing Joey?

Well, this shall be what a CEO or an organisation shall endeavour on, to give an answer to that investor-question, with the backing of clear & prudent analytics;

  1. Parameterized org efficiency study (CULTURE-POLICY-PROCESS-PRACTICE-GOAL ACHIEVEMENT & GROWTH DATA PAST 3 YEARS, HR DATA, PEOPLE INTERACTION (On ground & Virtual & Feedback/ Longitudinal-survey data)
  2. Parameterised Data analytics engine (that would bring us RELEVANT answers)
  3. Debate & Discussion on Findings (Accuracy: STUDY RESULTS Vs MANAGEMENT/STAFF OPINION (Inclusive approach towards Design-thinking)
  4. Delivery model / Infrastructure and design of Implementation Program with Ownership
  5. Focus groups & Trial runs
  6. System re-design
  7. Phase 1. INITIATION (Remedial action plan & Delivery model)/ change management system/ implementation)
  8. Phase 2. Setting a Digital Transformation Roadmap;

To receive the 11 step Digital-Transformation Roadmap, please contact me by e-mail, or Subscribe to our Blogs.

See you soon on a trail leading to a Summit of possibilities!

Pac (Prakash Valiaveettil)

Consider me as a friendly, fun loving guy with a simple approach to help my clients find the most suitable solution to address their organisational challenges

You may often find me help you (or key stakeholders) out of a heated boardroom, for hiking, trekking, sailing, or for a walk in the park, to find our magic moment to arrive at superior solutions!

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