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HR Transformation

HRT (HR-Transformation)

List below may appear to be exhaustive..but all these threads can be blended in beautifully, to one single dynamic and super-effective mechanism, that would help the organisation bring in a highly rewarding transformative change!


De-Mystifying to all Stake holders, the benefits in Migrating from Traditional/Legacy systems & practices to a BLENDED one levaraging Analytics

Do we Really need HRT?

A methodical, holistic, no-hype & collective approach to assess the organisational need for HR-Transformation

  • What do we need to do, to arrive at a HRT framework?
  • Design of an OKR* model Goal setting for clear & tangible benefits liked to ROI
  • Choosing the right programs to deliver the HRT goals!
  • Synchronising HRT with Legacy HRMS/HRIS systems already invested in
  • How to run an HRT program frugally, and within Budget
  • Harnessing the power of in-house Human resource, and IT, to deliver the needful
  • How to gather Feedback and assess Employee sentiment (signal value), to dynamically modify the
  • How to put in an effective & Dynamic Change management system in place
  • How to get HR team and rest of key stakeholders trained to take control of the HRT initiative
  • Compliance management: How to get good Audit & Ethical practices and frames in place
  • DBM: Data management. Gearing organisation up to become a data driven entity, through Data Elicitation & effective data managenent
  • DBM to RDBM: How to plan a Relational database system, to blend in diverse aspects & different dimensions within a growing organisation
  • How to communicate to the workforce rightly and win total buy-in & collaboration?

HRT Consultancy from us for a growing Business organisation can deliver these and much more

We would love to work with you on your Transformation Journey!

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