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What does the REALL program aim to achieve in a school?

REALL is a SEP (Soft skills Empowerment Program) for school students, designed and delivered by Pfzco (PerformEra FZCO)

It is a set of pleasant workouts for the students to inculcate a habit of soft skills empowerment, in a non-compulsive setting.

Within a few weeks, participants begin to win demonstrable softskills, including public speaking skills, to give impactful Presentations, along with Leadership & Teamstership traits.

REALL is an individual-empowerment program, in a Peer-Group setting.

A refreshingly different Team-setting that presents a participant with a non-compulsive platform to foster one’s soft skills including public speaking skills, as well as Leadership & Teamstership traits.

The activity calendar ensures that the participant gets life skills training done along with the Academic activities. This enables a double Achievement for the participant, by winning high on Soft skill mastery too, along with better Academic Merits. A successful career post the Academic years depends on a student’s soft skills capacity too

Program addresses student-needs differently, person to person, as well as that of a team-environment

Do all students get enrolled in, in one program?

There are 2 Streams under REALL

  1. EMERGENIA: a continuous SEP (a Soft skills empowerment program)

  2. EXTRAVERSE: a continuous SEP program based on a intra & Inter school networks of students with extraordinary goals in Life & Career

While EMERGENIA sessions are mostly run along with the Academic sessions, EXTRAVERSE sessions are only partly run with the Academic sessions.

This can be better explained during a DEMO* and presentation.

As REALL is a specially designed student-empowerment program, with about 19 years’ research & application behind its modules & activities, a Demo & presentation session would be necessary to get the Gist & format of these 2 Streams rightly conveyed to a prospective school.

*Please choose an option in the DEMO or START buttons in the web home page, so that we could accord you with a Demo followed by an Audit & Report (free of charges)

Does this mean that students in these 2 streams would be treated with different sets of program modules & activities?

Not exactly. There will be common activities but level, duration and format will vary between the 2 Streams

Again, a Demo & presentation would be necessary to get the Gist & format of these streams rightly conveyed to a prospective school.

Please choose an option in the DEMO or START buttons in the web home page, so that we could accord you with a Demo followed by an Audit & Report (free of charges)

How would the student-participation & levels of achievement be measured?

While each activity has set objectives, it is natural that each participating student

would operate within his/ her own threshold levels.

This is where the TRANSMON* feature of the REALL Suite comes to help the student and the school both, on their pursuit for excellence

The school management shall choose the best options for sharing student data with the key-influencers of the student. TRANSMON guards well to avoid any wrong interpretation of the progress-reports hampering the student’s yearning to scale up. The core of the model is to let the students take control of his/her progression on the REALL track.

Often, we underestimate the resilience of each youngster to prosper by their own means. Each day they learn and adapt. When we force them to fit into a frame, spontaneity and growth gets limited to just academic prowess. Teams build up individuals. Individual’s skill to thrive in a team format leads him or her to Leadership & Teamstership qualities, a Unique ability to succeed as a Leader and as a value-added Teamster

REALL provides each participating student with a great opportunity to gain control over his or her intent (goal setting) for activities undertaken & the realisation of such goals to his or her satisfaction

TRANSMON will track the progress of each participant, like a RADAR tracking a flight in progress.

While each student comes with varied skills, and different skill-levels & characteristics, we believe it would be inappropriate to go by yardsticks based on comparisons within the peer-group. The REALL model fosters ‘Growth on current settings’, by means of target slopes set by the individual. Once this is shared with the TRANSMON-Control desk, TRANSMON-Tracker follows the individual’s Target-slope.

The most improved student becomes the Topper. But then only TRANSMON & the school management will record the wins. The REALL model does not promote award ceremonies to congratulate only a few super-winners.

We believe the biggest award a participant can win is by virtue of winning a goal at a desired level that he or she set by himself or herself.

In short, what the REALL program produces is genuine winners, who would learn to Live their skills to win their Life & Career goals, without the need of a certificate or trophy to authenticate it.

The parents would soon know of this great achievement of their children, without the school calling upto tell them. Of course, the school is entitled to share the pleasant information to the parents, by getting status reports made on each participating student from the TRANSMON-data.

*TRANSMON is a Transaction-Monitor that captures the participatory score of each student in every scheduled activity. It helps to generate Continuous status reports on individual progress, productivity & growth, for an activity, in the peer-group setting.

How does the REALL program get implemented?

It can be done in 5 dynamic steps;

    1. Institutional readiness assessment (study of the institute’s Operational system), to get space allocated for REALL activities that would compliment both the Academic & other extra curricular activities.
    2. Getting Management/ Owner’s Goals and aspiration in to CLEAR GOALS
    3. OKR (Objectives & Key results) model based Program design.

School and the Pfzco-consultant jointly building a custom program for the school, getting necessary REALL modules, and its chosen activities into Calendarised actioners (Schedule). Setting clear goals, pathways, clear benchmarks, standards, program-compliance & Quality-Audit guidelines (for students, facilitators and governing bodies)

  1. Three (3) months’ PILOT Run/ Implementation, along with Dynamic data capture & Result-Analysis
  2. Re-Implementation of modified program based on review & analysis of feedback from Students, faculty and the other stakeholders connected to the program

How practical is it to get a program like REALL run along with the busy Academic sessions as well as the school’s other diverse activities?

Our 19 years long research & engagements with educational institutions have helped us understand the pain-points of an educational institution really well.

The program’s SMACA (‘Smart Cajole’) scheduler ensures a smooth amalgamation of the diverse program schedules of the school’s Curriculum, with the REALL activities, to bring out a unified calendar getting varied activities accommodated efficiently.

The design of the SMACA Scheduler enables the school to smartly accommodate it with the Academic, extra curricular & other activities, without stretching the student or the school hours.

The REALL program complements the Academic and other activities well, helping the student to bring out superior achievements on many fronts, including Academic merits.

Again, a Demo & presentation would be necessary to get the Gist & format of the SMACA scheduler rightly conveyed to a prospective school.

Please choose an option in the DEMO or START buttons in the web home page, so that we could accord you with a Demo followed by an Audit & Report (free of charges)

What is the Ultimate goal for REALL pgm

To reward each Student with superior Life skills, along with improved Academic merits. Empowering each student with powerful soft skills that would add to their capacity to excel in later life and career alike.

Why is REALL being promoted as a cost-effective option?

REALL is a robust SEP (Soft Skill-Empowerment Program) from PerformEra FZCO (Pfzco), which has helped 1000s of students achieve more on their Academic and Career goals through soft-skill empowerment.

REALL Is an activity based transformation-platform, comprising of easy-to-do empowerment modules. These modules build up an adaptable platform conducive for Students to groom themselves up to higher confidence-levels while going through their regular academic studies.

Scaled-activities are designed to foster teamwork, while one finds the individual engagements quite enjoyable, refreshing and empowering.

Activities have their roots in Performance-psychology. Evolved through the test of time, all the activities have key attributes fostering Agile-Performance embedded in them.

It grooms the student into a Vibrant powerhouse of higher Agility, Resilience & Productivity!

As the owner of the SEP program, the school faculty also goes through a Transformational-change to emerge as a holistic facilitator, rather than being a SE (Subject expert).

Students well adapted to the REALL program can achieve x-times merits, in their academics as well, by virtue of self-efficacy attained through the program.

School and faculty get to know the real gains dynamically, through student-data-Analytics, which helps them to smartly fine tune operational processes, for achieving superior results.

REALL is a highly cost-effective package to implement, with only a modest licence fee involved, for Lifetime use.

A Pfzco consultant-trainer would enable the school with enough training to get the program up and running in the Pilot-phase, with the help of Facilitators (smartly assigned from the school’s Faculty/ Teaching staff itself), who would later run it in-house, post the Pilot phase.

The IT team of the school will be inducted in, to help with the analytics-linked Tech-support. The school’s Administration team is also expected to extend general support measures in place.

A school with under 1000 students may well see the basic data management-part housed through even MS-Excel or MS-Access.

As Pfzco would not be marketing or selling any 3rd party system or software, in-house or cloud based, there are no hidden costs involved.

Transparency is our currency. With due modesty, we believe you would begin to acknowledge this as our virtue, while working with us.

In the post pandemic renaissance efforts globally, Pfzco is for getting as many young students attain higher agility through our smart Transformation program.

While Costing for the endeavour is designed on Minimalism, the product and its service reach is designed to help the school scale up to its maximum potential, by investing in it frugally.

All the above factors ensure the REALL implementation remains highly cost-effective

Does the size of the school (number of students) matter?

The Student size and institutional structure will definitely have an impact on any SEP (Student-empowerment program).

However, the intent of the management to roll out a future-proofed channel to establish higher student-agility by virtue of a Vibrant & dynamic SEP program is the most essential component that would bring about desired success

Whether the student strength is under 100 or above 1000, every educational institution aspires to reward its students with an effective program for Soft Skills mastery, along with curriculum based programs!

What is the time-frame we are looking at, to get REALL deployed?

It is entirely based on the needs of the Institution (scope) as well as the readiness of the institution to accommodate an SEP (Student empowerment program) within its fold.

Primary study on the scope and need assessment can be skipped, if the school is already through with it.

Time required from customising the program for the school (i.e choosing Modules & Activities from the REALL Suite that would aptly sync with the school’s Academic & other activities) is typically a week (5 work days)

  • Program design (for a school with a student-strength of about 1000 operating out of a single location): 2 to 5 work days
  • Getting key operators assigned (from within the school’s faculty &Management team)
  • PILOT phase: Select a single class or a group of classes (Target participants) or Institution-wide: (2 to 3 months’ Run time)
  • Data gathering/ Data-Management & Analytics (within RUN time)
  • Pilot-Feedback analysis linked Primary Deployment model readying (5 to 7 work days)
  • Primary model deployment: Pan institution (3-6 months’ RUN time)
  • Extended Data gathering integration (within RUN time)
  • Feedback analysis linked Final deployment model: Dynamically contained within RUN time)
  • Final model Deployment: (4th or 7th month onward, for a period of 6 to 9 months)
  • Dynamic progression from Base-system into an Institutional program (next academic year)

Where will the REALL system reside? School’s Servers (Edge computing model) or in the Cloud? (IaaS/ PaaS/ HaaS/ SaaS)?

What are the Hardware & Software and allied requirements?

First of all, REALL is not a high-tech system that would command the school to scale up to high capital expenses on software & Hardware systems

A school with about 1000 students (operating out of a single location) with an in-house Local area network (LAN) in place (running only basic Data management options) can let REALL sit in the school’s server and REALL’s data management can be modestly done with even MS-Excel or MS-Access.

A modest level of data Analytics also can be managed with MS-Excel or MS-Access.

If a DBMS (Database management system) is already installed in-house, REALL can be integrated with it for its operational-run. Level of integration can be designed jointly between the organisation, Pfzco & the DBMS vendor (based on Scope of work the school envisages to do)

A few GB of hard disk space is all that the REALL system would need for its installation on the School’s server.

Additional hardware or software acquisitions would be warranted, only when the organisation decides to go for an extended Scope of work, like advanced Analytics, Cloud based services to handle bigger Data-streams.

For a multi-location, Medium to Large Group of schools running on WAN, or Cloud services and advanced systems & tools in place, REALL can be aptly integrated to the Legacy system (installed base) with necessary alignment with the respective system vendors and service providers

Would the program demand higher capital & Operational expenditure?

  • There are many organisations who successfully deploy SEP programs using just MS-Excel or MS-Access tools for data management. Data capturing and management need to be inculcated as an operational habit by the IT and administration of the school.
  • From our findings, higher productivity based earnings (Yield) from a well designed EEP program far outweighs the cost on employee time (including billing time) invested by the organisation
  • The SMACA (‘Smart-Cajole’) Scheduler within the REALL program ensures absolute optimization of time invested by the students as well as the school staff & faculty in REALL activities & engagements. This safe-guards against any unnecessary loss in staff or student time
  • The REALL program is run Frugally, by smart allocation of time from the school staff & faculty.
  • An 1 time Licence fee ensures Lifetime availability of the REALL system for the school
  • A monthly fee to Pfzco for the services of a consultant-trainer would be necessary during the implementation stage. During this phase, our consultant Trainer would be getting school faculty & staff trained to run the program by the school itself
  • The fee for our consultant trainer can be arrived at only after the SCOPE of work is arrived at. But this would be a highly affordable fee for the school.
  • Collectively, the REALL program can be run frugally, without the need for high capital expenses or big budgets.
  • ROI (Return on investment): The returns for the school from the success of the REALL program would far out-weigh the above mentioned expenses

For REALL installation & running, would Pfzco force the School to buy third party products?


Other than the REALL modules, which are part of an SEP deployment vehicle, Pfzco is not promoting or selling any Hardware or software system to our clients, to run it on.

If your school has a modest number of students of about 500 to 1000, you may capture data for a modest level of analysis using just MS Excel or MS Access

If your institution is a multi location one, with a high number of students, we shall extend support to you as need be, in your endeavour to select a suitable system for upgrades in the future.

How will the School measure the effectiveness of the REALL program after its implementation?

  • The OKR model is very robust to pronounce and predict program effectiveness
  • TRANSMON Data & analysed Goal attainment scores
  • Signal value (Student-sentiment) linked data gathering
  • Feedback, Audits and surveys linked data (Students & School faculty)
  • School’s joint task-desk assessment on ROI
  • Parent’s feedback
  • Improved merits of the students
  • Goal attainment scores by School-Management

Would the School end up being dependent on Pfzco, post the implementation phase?

Performera products have its roots in Consultancy and Training

However, the REALL model depends much on the school’s staff & Faculty to own & govern it from Pilot through the implementation stages. Which means the organisation gets key stakeholders within the school staff adequately trained on REALL, through the implementation stage

On-site system support from Pfzco during the implementation is included in the REALL package (Lifetime-Licence) Fee. Only the consultancy & training fee need to be paid monthly, through the implementation phase

Continued support from Pfzco post the implementation phase is entirely up to the school to decide on. AMCC (Annual maintenance & Consultancy contract) shall be availed by the school, should they need to go for it.

Licence to continue using REALL is LIFETIME. Any future upgrades will be passed onto your organisation free of cost during the Warranty & AMCC (annual maintenance & consultancy contract) periods respectively

Would there be any hidden costs, during or post deployment?

Transparency is our currency!

Pfzco will spell out all the needs in the primary report itself, based on a comprehensive institutional- readiness audit combined with the school’s expressed needs, done with the help of key stakeholders of the school management.

It is upto the school to arrive at a deployment model (scope) & budget, with total buy-in from the key stakeholders of the school management.

Once this is jointly arrived at, by both your institution and Pfzco, listed deployment modules would be clearly mapped to a calendarised implementation schedule.

Should any dynamic improvisation be necessitated during the implementation stage, both sides could converge on it and arrive at an appropriate decision.

When both sides remain committed to the program schedule and the terms attached to it, exigencies prompting cost or time escalations would be unlikely.

We would love to work with you on your Transformation Journey!

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